Ballarat & the Eureka Stockade

Ballarat is renowned for the events of 1854 which became the Eureka Stockade.  Because James Ford moved from Otago in New Zealand to Ballarat it perhaps opportune to make some notes about this important even in Ballarat’s and Australia’s history.  I have therefore added a page devoted to this subject which can be found here.

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Robert Muir in New Zealand

Whilst engaged in my rewriting of the story of James Ford I have come across additional research which has altered my thoughts about James’ father, Robert Muir.

I had originally cast him as something of a villain but further research suggests that such may not be the case.

It is almost impossible isolating the numerous Robert Fords that inhabited the Otago area of the South Island.  But there is one consistent Robert Ford on the electoral rolls associated with Waitouaiti up to 1880 which I suspect is our man.

Subsequently, I have made some necessary changed to the James Ford New Zealand page.

Photographs added

I have added a new page devoted to photographs of the descendants of James Ford.  This project has increasing become necessary as the accumulations of photographs increase.

The reason I have been spurred on to act is that I have been given the copy of a valuable photograph, that of Grandma Ford, Margaret Ford/Wight of Millport.  Margaret Ford’s photograph may be accessed here.

For this, I must thank Lyn Heading, herself a descendant of Susanna Ford, elder sister of James Ford.  Susanna Ford married James Purdie and immigrated to South Australia 1849 and settled in One Tree Hill and Smithfield area.

You will also find other photographs added as time permits.


Mary Ford not born in NZ

Birth updates from New Zealand.

I had thought Mary Ford, born to James and Elizabeth, was born in Australia but had not found any record of such birth.  Searching around I found a ‘Mary Ford’ born in Wellington NZ the date of which dovetails neatly with the births of Janet Muir Ford and Margaret Ford.  I sent for the archive records and can now confirm that this ‘Mary Ford’ is not related the James and Elizabeth Ford.

On the other hand, the records from NZ reveal that Janet Muir Ford, who is recorded on Robert Muir Ford’s Australian birth certificate as being born in Wellington was in fact born in Dunedin which is not far from Waikouaiti where James and Elizabeth were married.  Margaret Ford was born in Wellington NZ.  You can find the details here.