The Story of the Story

I have re-written the circumstances which lead me to write He Comes as One Known.  In the Story of the Story – Chasing Samuel Ford I have outlined my reasons for thinking that Samuel Ford came to Millport courtesy of the revenue cutter.  Others may, of course, are free to reach their own conclusions about such matters.

I have also completed additions to He Comes as One Unknown.


Photographs added

I have added a new page devoted to photographs of the descendants of James Ford.  This project has increasing become necessary as the accumulations of photographs increase.

The reason I have been spurred on to act is that I have been given the copy of a valuable photograph, that of Grandma Ford, Margaret Ford/Wight of Millport.  Margaret Ford’s photograph may be accessed here.

For this, I must thank Lyn Heading, herself a descendant of Susanna Ford, elder sister of James Ford.  Susanna Ford married James Purdie and immigrated to South Australia 1849 and settled in One Tree Hill and Smithfield area.

You will also find other photographs added as time permits.


Where is Samuel Ford hiding?

It is frustrating, to say the least, that there appears no record of Samuel Ford’s parent or where he may have been born.  But is that the end of the matter?  Surely Not.  What can we glean from the record that might assist in tracking down the Illusive Samuel Ford?

I added some thoughts on the matter.  For my latest additions see Chasing Samuel Ford.


Robert Muir .. felon at large

James Ford married Elizabeth Muir in Waikouaiti (later became Otago) New Zealand in 1864.  Elizabeth’s father, Robert Muir was a contractor working in the area and was present at the marriage.  It appears that James was working for Robert in road construction in the surrounding district at the time.

Robert Muir was declared ‘fraudulently insolvent’ and a police warrant was issued for his arrest.  Further details can be found on the James Ford New Zealand page.

I have been trying to find the actual reference to the felony and have just received the following image of the Otago Police Gazette dated May 1, 1866 from the researcher at the Hocken Collections at the University of Otago.  I have included the full page along with an enlarged image of the relevant reference to Robert Muir.

The reference gives a good description of Robert Muir and a reference to a brother in law name Ford.